Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Double Sided Boarding Pass

Nowadays aircraft carriers allow you to print your own boarding passes. Tomorrow I have to fly someplace and back the same day. I checked in on the carriers website and opened the PDF document with the two boarding passes, page one to and page two back.

I hardly ever print. When I do, I print double sided. Saves a bunch of trees. I forgot to turn that off printing the boarding passes tho, so I ended up with both to and back on the same piece of paper. To on the one side, back on the other. A double sided boarding pass so to say ;-)

Now that made me wonder: will they allow me to use that single piece of paper with the two boarding passes, one on each side? Why not give it a try. The bar codes on each side don't overlap, so that should not be a problem when scanning! I'll just have to make sure that I show the right side for the right flight!

I'll let you know if it worked out or not! And post some pictures of the double sided boarding pass as well! If it works, I'll be doing this more often. Heck!! I'm even gonna try to print both passes on a single side and see if I can get away with that!!

"Why?", you might ask: just because I can ;-)

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Eddie said...

Double sided boarding pass? You must be nominated for the most sustainability aware employee.

The award is a nice sculpture from redwood trees with ivory ornaments.